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Atrix Business Products

          "Everything IT"

Atrix | Computer | Printers,Toner | Repairs | Networks | Kiosk
Atrix | Computer | Printers,Toner | Repairs | Networks | Kiosk

Hardware and Software Sales


The Atrix catchcry is "Everything IT" and we mean what we say.


We can choose from hundreds of hardware and software vendors to source the best products or software applications to suit your organisation. Why not challenge us to find what you are looking for, rather than putting up with some alternative, that you will never be happy with?


Custom built PC's and servers, tier 1 PC's and servers, storage devices (SAN and NAS) laptops, tablets, network switches and adaptors, UPS systems, surge protection, data room air–conditioning, operating systems, software packages and computer components are just a few of the products we supply on a daily basis.


As a Microsoft sales partner and an Intel partner and OEM builder we are able to offer the very best of advice and support to our clients for these and all the products that Atrix sells. We find the most suitable and compatible products to ensure high productivity and reliability.


We are always on the lookout for exciting new products to keep our clients up to date in an ever changing IT environment.


We offer full manufacturer's warranty and advanced replacements where possible to ensure the minimum down time if an unlikely failure was to occur.






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