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Atrix City Pay Kiosk


The Atrix City Pay Kiosk is an easy and simple way for Councils to deploy an unattended, self-serve payment solution. 


  •              Alleviate congestion at the Cashier counter

  •              Free up staff to concentrate on other tasks

  •              Allow greater access options for Rate Payers and the general public

  •              Payments can be made at Council Offices, Libraries and other public places

  •              A better way to connect with local residents outside of normal business hours


Using cutting edge Solid State Technology and industry proven scanning and printing equipment, the Atrix City Pay Kiosk is a reliable, fast and cost effective extension to councils existing payment options.


Atrix City Pay Kiosk is compatible with the Infor Pathway System and can be customised to perform a variety of payment options such as:


  •              Council Rates

  •              Animal Registration

  •              Debtor Payments

  •              Building & Planning

  •              Licence Renewals

  •              Infringements


The Atrix City Pay Kiosk can also display a secure Web Browser displaying Councils website, allowing users to browse upcoming events, Council notifications and much more. 

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